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RatedEjuice is a great way for customers to know about your shop. Our platform is designed to keep the customers engaged with vape products. The same products your shop most likely carries.

Since we don’t sell anything on our site, we direct the customer to a shop near them, who has the products. Get listed today and experience the growth of new customers. It’s FREE and EASY to use.

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RatedEjuice allows shop owners to put ads of their deals, as a way to increase their sales. You can offer online as we all as in store deals. Try it today!

Are you a Top Shop

Ratings are what influence a customer to buy a certain product, or go to a certain shop. Studies have shown, shops rating greater than 4 starts have seen a 30% increase in sales, as opposed to shops that don’t. So if you have great customer service and excellent staff, customer will know this by our ratings.

If your regular customers are happy with your service, than new customers will be too. So get listed, get Rated! It’s FREE and EASY to use.